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Cipria Weekly Flavour#11

Posted on gen 30, 2017 by in Cipria Weekly Flavour | 0 comments


Federica di Backflip Record Store ha dei dischi da consigliarci. Settimanalmente godremo dei suoi suggerimenti all’interno della rubrica Cipria Weekly Flavour.


ARTIST: Tell/Name
This release introduces two new French artists brought together on a split EP: Tell from Paris and Name from the sunny Avignon city, both of them backed- up by exclusive remixes from three of our historical Beat X producers: Neue Grafik and Pulkone (aka X_1 & Monomite)
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TITLE: Grand Écart
Paris-based Beat X Changers brings up to you a new record with a collaborative project in the shape of classic cuts. On the A-side, discover Tell – a 20-year old jazz drummer – who releases two soulful and melodic tracks. You’ll recognize the heat of the MPC grain, obsessing samples and uplifting breaks. On the B-side, Southern producer Name offers a disco-like and funky house music via two dancing tracks with a clear reference to the clubbing universe of New York and Chicago.
Grab it here

RELEASED BY: Beat X Changers
Paris based Music Label
Dope Inspires Dope

FORMAT: eu12”


YEAR: 2016

Jazz, drum, soulful, melodic, disco, funky

House | Broken Beat

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